Our Story

I was always fascinated by the high level of Improvisation you find in Jazz. When I moved to Boston, I was able to go to a couple of Jazz clubs in New York and see some of my favorite musicians in action. I soon realized that this genre has become the music of the high society. People didn't go to a Jazz concert to relax and have a good time, but to show their newest dress collection.  

Disappointed by my discovery, I started thinking, how to get Jazz back to a bigger audience. One Weekend, I needed a break of a tough week and went dancing to a club. Everyone in the club was dancing, listening to the music, and having a great time. This was the kind of audience I wanted to play concerts for!  

At Berklee College of Music in Boston, I’ve met some like-minded musicians. After talking for only a few minutes, we realized we had the same idea. We started writing music with a groove people can dance to, lyrics people can sing to, and we put a high-level of improvisation on top of that. The live improvisation brings our performances to such a high energy level, no DJ can keep up with and gives Cluttered Clarity its unique sound in the pop world.  

In 2014, the band had its first live appearance. Since then, the band played concerts in Europe, America, and Africa. They played at big festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, appeared on national broadcast, and collaborated with great artists such as Cory Henry and Sharay Reed.  

Cluttered Clarity is also very active in the field of education. They organized workshops in Luxembourg and Cape Verde and worked closely together with the US and Luxembourg government on various cultural exchange programs.  

CC makes sure that our audience has at least as much fun as we do. We don't base the level of our performance on our playing, but on our audience. Cluttered Clarity makes sure, that the audience is singing, dancing, and having a good time at every show.