Our Story

In 2014, Cluttered Clarity started out as an instrumental Groove Band based in Boston. The featured instruments in the band were saxophone, keyboards, guitar, vibraphone, drums, and bass. Cluttered Clarity’s music was a mix of Yellowjackets/Snarky Puppy like arrangements with a heavy “The Roots” groove. The sound of the band reflected the band’s love for Jazz music on the one side with the interest of making their audience dance on the other side.  The band started strong playing a 3-week European Tour with the highlight being a performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival only 4 months after their first rehearsal. It was a fun tour with many great shows. 

However, Cluttered Clarity aimed to get their crowd even more involved during their live shows. That’s why beginning 2015, the band added a vocalist and started writing their own lyrics talking about personal love stories, road trips, and fun experiences, but also focusing on political issues. Earl 2015 the band recorded a 7 track ep and played a concert in Cape Vert. After the strong start of the band, things slowed down. Some Band members moved from Boston to New York and a year later, Ben, the founding member of the band moved back to his hometown Luxembourg in Europe. For the next 3 years, Ben kept organizing 1-2 shows a year, where he was experimenting with different instrument settings, different musicians and adding samples to the band’s performance. After 3 years of trying out different settings, Ben teamed up with Belgian trumpet player Rémy, with whom he lived together in Boston and New York. Starting 2019, the band released its first single, “Save it All” under the new collaboration of Ben and Rémy, found the perfect musicians to play shows together and was ready to become active again in the European music scene. Unfortunately, planned European shows in 2020 fell through, due to the ongoing virus. While the band is ready to get back on the road, they used their lockdown time to produce more music and have 4 songs piled up ready for release, with “To The Top” being the first of their 4 Singles.